Support Group

group room2http:// hold bi-monthly small group meetings, professionally led, for women who know they are being abused and need support dealing with it, as well as for those who are wondering if what they are experiencing in their partnerships actually falls into the abuse category. Our group also welcomes women who have left an abusive situation but continue to suffer its after-effects.

In our meetings, participants

  • Learn about their legal rights
  • Receive information about helpful local and international resources, such as lawyers’ names, women’s shelters, legal aid possibilities, specialized organizations.
  • Develop strategies relevant to their particular situations — for instance on how to press charges with the police, how to request a protective order, what they need to show at the official medical exam
  • Rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem which have often been shattered due to abuse
  • Through mutual sharing, reduce the shame and isolation often vectored by partner abuse

We meet every other Tuesday from 12:30-2:30 p.m. sometimes in a cozy space located in central Paris, but more often than not on the online platform called Zoom. The group is run in English, so that anyone who has a basic understanding of English is welcome to attend. Participation is free, but optional contributions to help with expenses are welcome.

Follow-up support such as finding legal help, useful personal contacts in local women’s information centers, and accompaniment to meetings with authorities is also offered to group participants.

To maintain a safe confidential space the exact address of meetings will be given upon inquiry.  If you would like to attend our meetings or wish to contact us for any other reason, email us at: