About Us

Who we are

The Domestic Abuse Support Group was established in 2010 by Jill Bourdais with the encouragement of the American Overseas Domestic Violence Center to fill a gap in the English speaking community of the Paris area which lacked specific help for women dealing with partner abuse.

The group is currently run by Jill Bourdais


Originally from Boston, Mass., Jill moved to Paris in 1980 within the context of her marriage to a Frenchman. Her advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology – both from the U.S. and France – enabled her to work as a couple and family therapist for many years at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Paris, while at the same time seeing clients privately. She has both taught relationship skills-building classes, run therapy and support groups throughout her career, and has also been doing outreach for the American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center out of which sprang this group.